Access panels are known to be effective and functional at concealing plumbing, wiring, electrical works, mechanical systems, and HVAC equipment. Nowadays, they do make a style statement too. For instance, the drywall exterior access panel provides functionality without compromising the aesthetics of a room. They can easily blend into their surroundings.

You should note that access panels are made from a wide range of materials that include reinforced fiberglass, plastic, metal, and wood. The following are some of the advantages they provide.


access panelNowadays, you can find access panels that are made of tough and durable materials. Thus, you do not have to worry about them cracking, shrinking, or rusting. In addition, they feature sturdy construction, and you can find others finished with powder coating. They are also resistant to scuffs and scratches.

Some come with a screwdriver operated cam latch that can be customized to meet your needs. This ensures they prevent tampering and are quite useful in areas where they need immediate, easy access without tools or keys.

Easy Installation

If you are working on a major renovation or a new construction project, you will agree that this type of door saves both materials and labor as compared to its traditional counterparts. An all-purpose access door does not need plastering or muddling to make it blend with the wall. Thus, when you have an access panel in place, your job is done. This is because there is no need for mudding, finishing, and sanding. This can help you keep the costs down.


exterior access panelThe fact that access panels are versatile makes them ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, offices, and retail stores. Ideally, you can use them anywhere else where you do not want to detract from the general style of the interior space. The fact that they are lightweight makes them easy to manage as far as installation is concerned.

In addition, they have a tapered design that makes them both attractive and unobtrusive. You should note that access panels come in a wide range of sizes. This means you can get what you want. Also, there are options for brushed steel finish and even neoprene gaskets for use in special places.

In any given construction project or facility, you will need access to electrical panels, gas valves, water shut-offs, and plumbing fixtures. Fortunately, the door offers you the access you need without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the wall, roof, or ceiling.