spiral concrete floor

Probably you associate concrete floors to industrial flooring. However, its ability to take any color and a polished sheen, plus other benefits make this flooring a favorite on a wide range of projects. It is possible to have an elegant, beautiful, and warm concrete garage floor. The following are some of the advantages of concrete floors.


concrete floorYou should note that concrete flooring is a sustainable option if there is an existing concrete slab and you want to avoid excessive consumption of materials. Other than the basement and garage, these floors can be installed in other areas. After sealing or polishing the concrete, it appears perfectly defined in a modern living room or kitchen, particularly when it is layered with pretty furnishings and fixtures.


The cost of polishing a concrete slab is a few hundred dollars depending on the size of the floor. Also, the price can vary from one place to another depending on various factors such as the cost of labor and the availability of materials. The concrete’s subtle cracks, tonal differences, and aggregates give a natural, stone-like feel.

If you want a gloss finish, be ready to pay an extra amount. Staining concrete floors is a popular option since one’s imagination determines its outcome. For instance, different application techniques and colors are combined to create a finish that is unique.

Easy Care

outdoor concrete floorThe major maintenance needed for concrete floors is regular mopping with soapy water. Besides, you can install a skirting board, even if you think you do not need it. A mop can leave a lot of dirt in the crevices if there is no skirting. Moreover, this will make your choice look international and finished.


A concrete floor can last over a hundred years if it is maintained and polished correctly. Also, an old concrete floor can easily be hidden under the carpet or tiles. The truth is that the concrete floor is the most durable type of floor.


If you are installing the floor outdoors, you should use silicon-based sealers. This is necessary to prevent a wet look. This explains why concrete is the preferred flooring material for both indoor and outdoor transitions.

Also, concrete flooring looks nice with stone veneer walls. This is because it complements their rustic appeal. It can be a craft and economical choice.